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I've been living in Key West since 1996 and have been a full-time photojournalist with the Key West Citizen newspaper since 1997. I also shoot regularly for the Associated Press with freelance assignments from Havana to Grand Bahama. After moving here from Ohio, I quickly fell in love with the Florida Keys. It's easy to do.

A good amount of the Key West stuff is included in my 160-page, hardcover photography book titled Key West Photo Safari and in my 'Key West and the Florida Keys' photography calendars which feature images from Key Largo to Key West. I also create a "Cats of the Hemingway House" calendar.

Since 2016, I've been guiding photography tours to Cuba. With groups limited to eight, I will continue to introduce this amazing island to eager Americans who also wish to improve their photography skills. While it is wildly cliché to say, Cuba is a photographer's paradise and after making more than 60 successful trips over the past 25 years, my Cuban friends and I will show you things that bus tour groups only dream about. I can't promise more photos of Fidel, The Stones, or the Pope, but there truly is a lot to see and do. Expert local knowledge (in English), killer accommodations, all ground transportation, free Cuban cell phone and an ambitious, yet flexible itinerary is all included.

Back now to photography. I use top-end gear, both Sony and Nikon, and have a full compliment of lighting equipment. As for Photoshop, yes, I use it. However, you will not see impossible scenes with 'natural' light coming from two directions or elements of two or more photos appearing in one image. That ain't photography, folks, that's graphic design.

I hope you like what you see here because I've certainly enjoyed creating this stuff. And while I've not added any new galleries in years, my work at the newspaper puts me in crazy and oftentimes wildly interesting situations. Some day soon, I hope to find the time to add more images.

This website is hosted by Zenfolio and it is incredibly easy for me to sell reasonably-priced prints. (Hint, hint.) I can also create huge canvas prints. Let me know if you see something you'd like.

Thanks for looking,

Rob O.

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